Buckeye Bop Club

Social Dance Etiquette

Good Manners for the Dance Floor

1. Allow yourself enough time to sign in, pay, and change into your dance shoes before the start of the lesson.

2. Never think you're too good to review the basics of all the dances. People will often enjoy clean leadable basic steps more so
        than messy fancy patterns.

3. If you're not taking the lesson before the dance, don't socialize while the instructor is teaching as it is disruptive.

4. If you decline an offer to dance, do not dance with another partner during that song and have a decent excuse ready-

  • You need to use the restroom
  • You need to switch shoes
  • You need to get something to drink
  • You need to cool off or rest your feet
  • You don't know that dance
  • You don't like that song
  • Say you need to sit this one out because you already turned someone else down
  • If you turn someone down, quickly decide if you want to offer to dance the next dance

5. Ladies, yes you may ask the gentlemen to dance too.

6. Be clear whom you are asking to dance if that person is in a conversation.

7. Expect to dance with multiple partners if you're at a social dance.

8. How far away you sit from the dance floor indicates your willingness to dance with different partners.

9. Don't out-dance your partner; dance at the level of the less experienced partner.

10. Don't talk during announcements.

11. Introduce yourself to each partner. Use Name That Face to learn people's names.

12. Don't teach on the social dance floor unless you partner asks for help, and then move to a corner or off the floor.

13. If the partnership isn't working, just make it through that 3-minute song without apologizing for your dancing, or making
        criticisms about theirs.

14. Apologize immediately if you step on or bump into someone, even if it's not your fault.

15. Gentlemen, escort your lady on and off the dance floor.

16. If you are not dancing, do not stand on the dance floor.

17. If you sweat, bring additional shirts to change into throughout the evening, and a towel too.

18. Don't carry food or drinks across the dance floor.

19. Switch your phone to vibrate. If you need to talk take it outside.

20. Social dancing is about having fun!

This material was adopted from "Social Dance Floor Etiquette by Tricia Wood of Tropical Ballroom, Woodbury, Minnesota".