Buckeye Bop Club

Medical Emergencies

Keeping Our Members Safe.

Dr. Larry Lytle, Unit Leader
Dr. Elizabeth Tuttle
Dr. Lisa Gishner
Steve Powell, General Coordination


When it is obvious someone is having a health problem, or an irregular heartbeat, the dancers should seek out our doctors, notify the DJ, and get the medical bag located by the DJ table and take it to the attending doctor(s). Otherwise the dancers should stay away from the scene.

Medical Bag

Blood pressure cuff
Automatic digital blood pressure cuff that can detect an irregular heartbeat
Finger pulse oximeter


The DJ needs to turn down the music volume low enough so that the person on the 911 call can hear. The DJ should keep an eye on the scene so that if the volume needs further attention someone can motion to them.

Doctors & 911

Only a doctor or the club president will call 911, because 1) the doctor may not think it is necessary and the EMS costs hundreds of dollars to the patient, 2) we don't want multiple people calling, and 3) the caller must stay on the line until the EMS is onsite.

If doctors decide 911/EMS is required and the person requiring attention is a woman they will ask someone to locate her medical insurance card which is likely in her purse. Note: regardless of gender, the person requiring attention might want their car taken to another location, and the key will be needed.

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